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Tenant Packs for new residents

November 24, 2019

Thanks to some amazing community generosity, we now have tenant packs for new residents at Bric managed boarding houses.

The packs include sheets, utensils, cookware etc, all packed into a laundry basket. They were paid for by the Communify Patrons Group and packed by volunteers from advertising agency VMLY&R. Staff from the agency were taking part in a special celebration of its one-year anniversary. This saw VMLY&R close all 82 offices across the globe, to give all employees the opportunity to support their local communities through volunteer projects.

It’s common for new tenants entering Bric boarding houses to arrive with very little in the way of household goods so these packs will make a huge difference. A massive thank you to all who helped!

Pictured: Communify, VMLY&R and Bric staff with the packs.