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How to apply

Follow these five steps to apply for housing with Bric.

1. Check your eligibility

Check that you qualify for social housing as you must meet certain criteria to receive help.

2. Register for housing with DHPW

You must be registered for housing with the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) and generally, you must be assessed by them as having a High or Very High Housing Need.

3. Contact Housing Service Centre

Then you can approach one of our support providers who can complete a Bric Housing referral form on your behalf.

4. Refer to Bric Housing

Once Bric Housing receives your referral, we will try and match up vacant accommodation that we have at the time with your housing requirements. An offer of accommodation will depend on whether we have properties that meet your needs, and whether we have any vacancies.

5. Bric contact you with suitable accommodation

Bric Housing will contact you if/when suitable accommodation becomes available.

More information

In order to be eligible for community housing you will need to apply for housing assistance through the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW).
Applications will be assessed by DHPW to determine:

  • your level of housing need
  • your preferred locations
  • the type of housing you’re eligible for

Contact us

Find your nearest Housing Service Centre

A current list of Housing Centres including opening hours and contact details can be found here.

What will happen at the interview?

During the interview your housing needs will be assessed including:

  • Whether  you’re eligible for housing assistance
  • Your current level of housing need
  • Where you’d ideally to live and what size home you need
  • Any special housing needs you or your household members may have.

Other helpful info and resources

Here are a few contact numbers and websites that may help you find additional information and support: