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You must meet all of the eligibility criteria set by the Queensland Government to receive help. The key criteria are detailed below but you should check the most up to date information here. 

Eligibility criteria

There is a requirement that you have Australian citizenship, Australian residency or an eligible protection Visa

An applicant must:

  • be an Australian citizen or
  • have been granted permanent residency status or
  • have been granted a Permanent Protection Visa or a Resolution of Status Visa or
  • qualify for permanent residency status through agreements between Australia and another country or
  • hold a Temporary Protection Visa or
  • hold a Bridging Visa if they previously held a Temporary Protection Visa.

Queensland residency; you must live in Queensland

The applicant who will become the legal tenant must be a Queensland resident. Waivers are possible in certain circumstances such as work or family reasons.

You must not own property in Australia or overseas

The intent of this requirement is to identify people who may have alternative options available to house themselves and therefore may not be in need of government-subsidised housing assistance.

There is a limit on liquid assets

The household’s combined liquid assets must be within the current limit for household size. These are reviewed and updated regularly. Current limits can be viewed here.

At least one household member must earn an independent income

At least one person who will sign the State Tenancy Agreement must receive an independent income in Queensland of a set amount every week (and have received this income for at least 4 weeks leading up to you applying for social housing.

There are household income limits

You will need to show proof of the total income of all the people in your household before deductions like tax and superannuation. This must be lower than the government set amount to be eligible.

That current housing does not meet your needs.

There are criteria to assess whether or not your current housing is suitable.

You must have a need to move (wellbeing)

You must have a need to move because your current housing does not meet your needs, and have multiple and complex factors that  mean you are unable  to independently access and sustain stable housing.

Need to move reasons include:

  • being homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • unsuitable location of current housing
  • physical amenity of current housing does not meet household needs
  • rent in current housing is unaffordable

Complex wellbeing factors include:

  • being long term unemployed or experiencing periods of unemployment, being unable to work with high living expenses, or being employed and earning within the income eligibility limits for your household, and
  • have a long term serious medical issue/disability, and/or
  • have been homeless two or more times in the last 3 years, and/or
  • have had a tenancy that ended due to being evicted two or more times in the last three years, and/or
  • have had unsuccessful private rental applications, and/or
  • there is no supply of appropriate housing in the private rental market

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