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Bric Housing provides both transitional and long term social housing under a range of programs in partnership with the Queensland Government, with tenant rents based on a percentage of their income to enable affordability.

"Thank you Bric... I never thought my life would end up this way. You have given me a home and dignity."

Bric Housing manages and supports over 850 tenancies in more than 200 properties located across the north of Greater Brisbane and in the Redcliffe and Caboolture areas. This includes boarding houses, units, townhouses and houses leased from the Queensland Government and private landlords.

Bric Housing provides much needed and affordable accommodation to people who are at risk of or who are experiencing homelessness.

As well as housing, we work with partners to provide support and opportunities to tenants to improve their health and wellbeing, access their community and enhance their employability.

Our culture is all about improving the lives of those we support whilst ensuring our values which are; respect, integrity, excellence and diversity are at the heart of all we do.

Our vision is to provide a HOME, a LIFE and a FUTURE, whilst our purpose is to support people and communities.


Our strong culture and service ethic reflect the needs of the tenants we serve.

Our Partners

Help us house vulnerable Queenslanders

Bric Housing is a registered charity that values support from individuals, businesses and the community. A donation to Bric Housing will assist us in making a difference to many people in Queensland.

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