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Bric Board Chair, Julie Saunders

Governance at Bric

Bric is governed by a highly skilled and committed Board of Directors who provide expertise drawn from the private, not for profit and public sectors.
The organisation has a comprehensive system of corporate governance and probity designed to provide appropriate levels of disclosure and accountability.

Bric has a number of guiding standards and policies embedded within the following documents and systems:

  • Bric Constitution
  • Bric’s Board Charter
  • Risk Management Framework including Appetite Statement
  • Fraud Control Policy and Plan

Bric’s Board, supported by its Committees, continue to review, and where necessary, modify these documents to ensure coherent and robust strategic, operational, financial and risk planning.

The organisation also operates a rigorous system of risk oversight, management and internal control. Bric’s approach is to identify, assess and manage risks that affect (or have the potential to affect) its business. This approach to risk management incorporates risk principles into the decision-making process at all levels, and overlays Bric’s management structure to engender a culture of personal responsibility to recognise and appropriately treat risk.

The Board has established a Board Committee structure comprising:

  • Audit, Finance & Risk Committee
  • People Committee
  • Tenancy and Innovation Committee

Bric Board

Bric is led by a capable, merit based and non-remunerated Board of Directors