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Bric manages over 900 tenancies across more than 200 properties.

Our diverse range of properties includes:

  • accommodation with shared facilities
  • units
  • multi-unit blocks
  • stand-alone houses
  • townhouses

Location profile

Tenancies per Local Government area

graph showing distribution of tenancies

Looking after our assets

Bric’s Asset Services Team are responsible for the maintenance of our property assets – both owned and under management. Central to every decision is ensuring current and future tenants have a safe and secure place to call home.

A strategic approach is taken to deliver asset management effectively across the portfolio by;

  • Routine maintenance regimes to keep buildings compliant, safe, secure, and comfortable;
  • Comprehensive repairs service to support tenancies and turnaround of vacant properties;
  • 24-hour emergency repairs services;
  • Ensuring that the properties under Bric’s management remain sustainable into the future;
  • Strong working relationships and management of maintenance contractors;
  • Data driven decisions to optimise procurement and service delivery outcomes; and
  • Three yearly property condition surveys to support medium and long-term decision making.

Bric values its continued collaborative relationship with the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy as we continue to work together to ensure that Department-owned assets are refurbished, and re-invested in.