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Bric provides both transitional and long term housing under a range of programs. in partnership with the Queensland Government.

See below for some of our Housing Program options. More information on the Programs can be found on the Queensland Government website here.

Community Managed Studio Units (CMSU )

CMSU delivers boarding house and studio/ unit accommodation for tenants in higher density settings. These include boarding house rooms and unit blocks. Most tenants are housed on a transitional basis, with a view to moving to a long term option, either in the private rental market or in social housing.

Community Rent Scheme (CRS)

The Community Rent Scheme (CRS) delivers housing as a transitional step to longer term social or private market housing. Funding is provided through a grant from the Department of Housing to cover the costs of head-leasing properties from private landlords. The program runs on a quota of between 114 and 126 properties within a funding contract to 30 June 2021. A further 23 properties with 34 tenancies are contained within the Department Community Rent Scheme (DCRS) where property are owned by the State Government.

Same House Different Landlord (SHDL)

The Same House Different Landlord (SHDL) program allows people to lease properties under a social housing arrangement, with a view to progressing to public housing without having to move to another property. Bric maintains a quota of 3 properties that change on a rolling basis.

Long Term Housing (LTH)

Under the Long Term Housing Program (LTHP) registered providers supply appropriate and affordable community-managed rental housing for people who have a long term need for social housing. Many of our long term tenants have lived in their homes for 5 years or more.

Affordable Housing (AH)

Affordable Housing provides accommodation at a rate less than the equivalent private rental market rate for similar accommodation. Specifically, the rent charged is based on 30% of the gross household income.

Supported Housing Program

The Supported Housing Program delivers accommodation to 16 tenancies in Redcliffe. Bric provide property and tenancy management, with Open Minds providing onsite support to tenants with mental health or other support needs.

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