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Tips for successful gardening

March 12, 2024

We’ve seen some great gardens created by tenants over the years. Many of them have been in small spaces, on patios and even window boxes. Here’s some tips to get going with a special focus on smaller spaces:

Top tip – Talk to your neighbours about sharing some of the work and costs!

  • Use pots or containers: Bushy plants including berries, herbs, greens, tomatoes and chilli will do
    well in pots.
  • Go vertical: Vine plants such as cucumbers and melons can be planted in pots but will need
    something to cling to as their vines grow and produce. A trellis, lattice, or an existing fence
    will do nicely.
  • Grow in Raised beds: You can find DIY instructions online and build your own raised beds tailored
    to fit your space or buy them ready-made. Raised beds can be installed on top of paving in
    courtyards to increase your growing space.
  • Hanging baskets: Hanging baskets with leafy plants like lettuce and strawberries can add beauty
    while also producing a harvest for the table.
  • Mix edibles with ornamental plants: If you already have some garden space that’s being
    plants, you can mix in some edibles to fill ‘gaps’ between the plants.

Garden Pic 3 Winner Ben At Kedron

Soil, food and water

When planting in containers, follow these essential tips for success:

1. Drainage matters: Ensure your container has proper drainage. Without adequate drainage, excess  water can lead to root rot and plant death. Look for pots with holes.
2. Think about light: Understand how much sunlight your container receives. Observe the duration of  direct sunlight. Choose plants that match the light conditions.
3. Feed your plants: Most potting soil lacks nutrients. Mix slow-release fertilizer into the  potting mix or add it separately.
4. Water wisely:
Summer: In hot weather, water as often as twice daily—morning and late afternoon. Avoid watering  during peak heat.
Cooler Months: Water when the soil is moist 5cm below the surface.

Don’t forget – the best time to start your garden is today!

Happy gardening!